Association for the Protection of Endangered Woods for Musical Instruments


DiospyrosFor already hundreds of years, exotic species of wood, such as ebony, palisander, and grenadill, as well as local woods, have been used in musical instrument making. Increasingly, the natural inventories of many of these exotic woods are being threatened by exploitation, illegal trading, slash-and-burn clearing, or also the conversion of the original habitats to plantations of fast-growing trees or pastureland.

Because of this, musical instrument makers and musicians have joined forces in Eben!Holz to combat these destructive developments.

The sustainable use and a fair trade of these woods in their countries of origin should build awareness of the value of nature and develop a source of income for local residents.

Conservation through the use of these woods is our goal.

The beauty and quality of wood materials are of particular value to us.

It is precisely the reason we are taking action.